List of the Verney Letters

This web site lists those letters and documents of the Verney family of Claydon House, Buckinghamshire, England that were microfilmed in the 1960s. It covers those letters and papers up to the end of 1675 that are to be found in the first 29 reels of microfilm. It is planned to complete the remaining 31 reels as soon as possible.

Please read the Background before using the web site. It provides information about the scope of the listing, the availability of the microfilm, and how to access the considerable additional Verney manuscripts at Claydon House.

Listing, sorting and filtering

You can list the letters by reel, or you can drill down to find letters sent and received by persons in the list of standardized names, or by year sent. Once you have selected a group of letters these can be further filtered and sorted using the boxes and buttons provided.

Although you can search all the letters, you are advised to narrow your search by time or correspondent, or by microfilm reel. This will speed up your search by only loading the relevant items. The subject matter of the letters is best searched using the Notes & Queries filter box. The amount of information about individual items varies widely. In some periods and reels it is very patchy, but for those recently listed there is information about almost every item.

Letters by Person