Buckinghamshire Record Society: publishing historical texts, calendars and indexes
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Buckinghamshire possesses an abundance of historical records of every kind. The aim of the Buckinghamshire Record Society is to make some of these records more readily available by publishing texts, calendars and indexes.

The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies houses the County archives and local studies library with family and local history research facilities.

The Society's Annual General Meeting is held at a different venue around the county each year.

In 2020 it was not possible to hold an AGM because of COVID-19, and in 2021 it will not be possible to hold it in the normal time framework. We hope [as of May 2021] that if infection rates continue to decline we will be able to hold a meeting in autumn 2021.

Grants scheme

The Buckinghamshire Record Society has a grants scheme to encourage research, publication, and the diffusion of information about the history of the county. The closing dates for applications are as follows: 15th June/15th January for postal applications, 15th July/15th February for email applications. (Note that these dates have changed to accommodate a change in our EC meeting date.) Details PDF File

Quarter Sessions Calendars and Other Publications

In 1931, the Standing Joint Committee of the Buckinghamshire Quarter Sessions and the County Council ordered the publication of calendars of the records of the Quarter Sessions. Eight volumes were published in all, covering the period 1678-1733. Digital copies of all of these volumes are available here.

In 1937 we began producing transcripts and calendars of other Buckinghamshire records, which were published as Record Society volumes. The older ones are available here as PDFs and the more recent ones are available for purchase.

Join us

Membership of Buckinghamshire Record Society runs from 1st January until the 31st December each year, and costs £15.00.